Shinagawa Guitar Tea Party / 品川ギター茶会

Possibly one of the most casual monthly guitar recital in Japan.

Not many guitar students can answer this question, “What do you want to do if you achieve a skill to play guitar?”
This party helps you to find the one.
I think learning guitar is waste if you only practice and be tested your skill at an annual recital.

There are many opportunities to enjoy performing guitar, unfortunately it is not easy to find them.
I hope you will enter the guitar world here, and get knowledge and information to broaden it.



Fees depend on the venue. Ask me for details
  (Meeting room: from 1,200Yen,   Restaurant: only for food and beverage)
You can join as an audience, although you need to pay the fee since it is almost same as an actual expense.
↓↓ Detailed information (includes dates, venue, fees) is here ↓↓
Shinagawa Tea Party Facebook page

  • No restriction
    From beginners to veterans.
    Even if you haven’t touched to guitar, you can join to see what it’s like.
    If you can not bring your guitar, you may use my guitar or other members’.
  • No need to play difficult pieces
    The first song of your textbook is more than enough.
    No one blame you if you stop or fail.
  • Feel fear to play in public?
    Don’t worry.
    Most guitarist used to. Now all members enjoy performing here.
  • Not sure if you can join constantly?
    No annual fee. You can choose if you come or not each time.
    Also you can cancel the application.